Hergen Brazil


Company Hergen from Rio do Sul in Brazil is an important supplier of paper machinery.  
Innovation oriented, the machine company Hergen is responsible for the majority of projects presented in Brazil's tissue segment and is consolidating its participation on the international markets.
Increasing the number of projects executed in the last 12 years, the company, from Rio do Sul, registers a big number of supplies. Roughly 80% of our current business has occurred in the tissue paper segment.
Even though this particular segment strays from others given the growth opportunities leveraged by a global phenomenon observed in developing countries, Hergen’s preparation to duly serve this sector is not a recent thing. The company noticed this ascending trend stemming from better hygiene and health conditions worldwide several years ago and prepared to serve paper manufacturers. Today Hergen is represented in Brazil and starts to get established worldwide. The good technology has convinced many customers over the past years.