yasmingrundmann leripa rochling

Röchling Leripa Papertech/Autriche
The headquarter is in Oepping, Upper Austria, Röchling LERIPA Papertech GmbH & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer and processor of plastics.

yasmingrundmann cellwood

Cellwood Machinery/Sweden
Cellwood Machinery develops, manufactures and supplies machinery and systems for the pulp and paper industry and also for pretreatment of organic waste. We are known for our brand products Krima, Grubbens and Algas.

yasmingrundmann hergen

Company Hergen from Rio do Sul in Brazil is an important supplier of paper machinery. Innovation oriented, the machine company Hergen is responsible for the majority of projects presented in Brazil's tissue segment and is consolidating its participation on the international markets.

yasmingrundmann laafwalzen

Laaf Walzen/Germany
Laaf PM & Walzenservice GmbH is a manufacturer of rolls for papermaking industry.

yasmingrundmann paul wegner

Paul Wegner GmbH/Germany
Over 100 years ago the Paul Wegner Blade Company was founded. The family business developed to a well-known Paper Blade Company domestically as well as internationally.

yasmingrundmann lanex

Lanex/Czech Republic
A reliable business partner. The You can be sure company slogan captures the very gist of our relationship with the customers. The tradition of production of textile ropes in Bolatice dates back to 1949.

yasmingrundmann algas

ALGAS GmbH/Germany
Algas is wholly owned subsidiary of Cellwood, responsible for all after sales related activities for the Algas microfilter.

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